• For many owning a home is a large commitment, though many people forget it’s also a lifetime financial responsibility. That’s why at AFMB we don’t stop helping you once your home loan is secured.

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  • For a business to make money it has to have the funds to kick it off the ground. That’s why at AFMB we are here to support you with your finance needs for the life of your business, especially at the start.

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  • Purchasing a car is usually the first large purchase you will have to your name. It’s an exciting time, but it also comes with important financial decisions. Not everyone has the funds to purchase a car out right, that’s why our team at AFMB can assist you to make the right financial choice that benefits you, not us.

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  • Need help calculating what you need, how much you can borrow or what would be your repayment amount? Use our calculators to see what you borrow. For an easier approach, contact AFMB, and we will do the work for you

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  • Your Mortgage Broker

    AFMB are your national mortgage broker that specialises in three aspects. Residential financing, commercial lending, and also debt consolidation. AFMB provides you with expert mortgage advice for mortgage purchase and mortgage refinancing and we tailor it to your needs. We explore all avenues to provide you with the finance you need. Based in Parramatta and in the Sydney CBD, we are always here to help you get the right mortgage loan.

  • Our Approach

    We recognise everyone as an individual with their own individual circumstances and we know one size doesn’t fit all. We all have dreams from home ownership to expanding a business, and we want to help you achieve these. In fact, that’s what gets us out of bed in the morning, knowing we are helping you to reach your goals.

  • Our Services

    To see our customer be provided a solution when their bank had said "No, we can't help you" provides us with satisfaction.

    AFMB aim is to get to know our clients rather than you just being a number or a file, and that’s why we believe we offer a far superior personalised service to you as our client. Bankers come and go, but a good mortgage and finance broker stays.

    Having the ability to have different lenders on my panel allows AFMB to have multiple solutions. We know your circumstances change, so make it a priority that we sit down you every year to do a health check on your financial situation and to see if there are any ways we can further help you.

    AFMB value our relationships with our customers and we strive to achieve their financial goals.

  • Our Lending Panel