• About Australian Finance and Mortgage Brokers

    As a mortgage broker, AFMB work with a network of over 30 lenders who all offer a wide range of products that we can tap into. Once we have got to know you better, with our extensive product knowledge we can recommend a product that will best work for you. With everyone being so time poor, we can save you hours of research. AFMB are a boutique broking company who are here to help you find the right financial product to suit your specific needs.

    There are many financial institutions offering a wide range of products from home loans to refinancing to business loans, but very few of us understand all they offer or have the time to research the best product for your individual needs. The downside of this is you may finish up paying a lot more than you need to and may miss out on many benefits.

    With over 10 years of experience working within banks, credit unions and a mutual society, AFMB’s founder RJ Suarez has a wealth of knowledge to help you find the right product for your circumstances. Often it’s not about the product with the lowest interest rate; it’s about reviewing what your needs and goals are and finding a product.

    As a business our aim is to get to know our clients rather than you just being a number or a file, and that’s why we believe we offer a far superior personalised service to you as our client.

    We know your circumstances change, so make it a priority that we sit down you every year to do a health check on your financial situation and to see if there are any ways we can further help you.

    We will never recommend products that will overstretch you financially. If you ever feel uncomfortable we listen to your concerns and work with you to alleviate any fears so we can move forward together. Ultimately the process is about you, your needs, and your dreams. We will hold your hand through the process.