• About AFMB

    At AFMB it is all about you, your needs and your dreams - we are just here to ensure you get the financial support you need.

    Being a boutique broking company, we differ than others with our unique and personalised focused with a long term financial outlook. We aim to understand you as a person rather than a number on a file, matching your specific needs with the right financial product from our expansive network of over 30 of the best lenders.

    Trying to navigate through all the financial  products by yourself can usually lead to confusion laced in jargon, interest rates and hidden conditions. Ultimately researching and selecting yourself will make it harder to understand what the best option is for you and can lead to paying a lot more.

    With over 10 years of experience within banks, credit unions and a mutual society,  Founder of AFMB RJ Suarez, can help you secure the best finance solution suited to your personal circumstances.   

    Our aim is to understand your situation in its entirety and get to know you on a personal level to ensure the product we suggest is the best fit for you. At AFMB we also understand your circumstance can change, this is why we offer 24 hour assistance for the life of your loan and in person financial health checks to see if there is anyway we can further help you.

    We will also never recommend products that will stretch you thin financially, your commitment in our commitment so we will listen to your concerns and work with you to alleviate any fears.

    Most of all our brokers will grant you a superior personalised service - helping simplify the process from reviewing lenders, all the way to handling paperwork.