• Car Loans

    Purchasing a car is usually the first large purchase you will have to your name — It’s an exciting time, but it also comes with important financial decisions.

    Not everyone has the funds to purchase a car out right, that’s why our team at AFMB can assist you to make the right financial choice that benefits you, not us.

    A Car Loan is a personal credit where the lender provides you with the funds needed to purchase your vehicle, in return for having ‘legal ownership’ of the car until it is paid off. With the lender having this security of the vehicle, it allows you to have access to a low rate of interest and in turn a more cost effective loan.

    At AFMB we believe that everyone's financial situation is different, this is why we offer tailored solutions sourcing from lenders who best suit your needs. Our team will help simplify the process by taking the time to assist you in person and through our 24/7 assistance line. To organise a consultation, please contact us on Tel: 1300 002 362 or Email: contactus@afmb.com.au or fill in the form below