• Cash Flow Lending

    Sometimes in business things can pop up unexpectedly, so it’s smart to have money set aside to smooth out these up and downs. Cash Flow Lending is a type of finance solution that can assist you in times where you may not have the extra funds set aside.  

    Cash Flow Lending  is a type of loan in which the bank lends funds utilising the expected profits and cash flows of the company as security. Essentially this allows you to borrow money from the expected revenue you may receive in the future. This finance solution relies heavily on the history of cash flows your business has recently brought in, and is also combined with your credit rating to determine the risk the lender will be in.

    Your business is your way of life. This is why at AFMB we believe in ongoing support throughout the life of your loan, where you can access our dedicated team through our 24 hour assistance line. Our team will ensure that every solution is made with your financial situation at heart, helping you navigate through the options and gain the most cost effective rate.  For a refinancing consultation please contact us on Tel: 1300 002 362 or Email: contactus@afmb.com.au or fill in the form below