• Insurance

    Whatever you are looking to secure finance for,  it is a smart idea to protect your chosen finance solution with insurance. At AFMB we can help you secure Finance Insurance to ensure that in the case of illness or accident, your repayments won’t default.

    To break it down, Finance Insurance is a premium paid over the life of your loan to ensure that if a serious problem has occurred your insurer can cover all necessary payments so you don’t default on your debt finance. Finance Insurance can be provided for any debt finance you may have under your name, ranging from small personal loans, to home loans all the way to business finance.

    At AFMB we create tailored, cost-effective insurance solutions to ensure that no matter what happens your finances are secure. Our team focuses on getting to know your financial situation beyond numbers in our books, creating a deeper understanding of not only what is best for you now but in the future as well. With our extensive network we are able to connect you with the right insurer that suits your needs, not ours.

    We also understand that world of insurance is complex, with it sometimes being hard to navigate through the many institutions and deals on offer. Our dedicated team will simplify and streamline the process, ensuring that you are provided with advice in person or through our 24 hour assistance phone line.  For more information on how you can secure your financial future  or for a consultation please contact us on Tel: 1300 002 362 or Email: contactus@afmb.com.au or fill in the form below