• Off The Plan

    Risk comes with reward when it comes to housing, where the best investments are made usually before the property has even started to be built.

    Choosing to put down a deposit on a property while just in the development stages will usually lead to a discounted price, and sometimes the property can even increase in value before it is settled.

    Though with no set asset in your name, you may wonder where you are able to access the finance to assist you with this investment. AFMB’s dedicated team can help you to secure an ‘Off the Plan’ loan that will finance your investment with no assets directly attached at the beginning of the loan.

    At AFMB we understand this investment is a tedious financial situation that can often become confusing. That’s why our team works hard to secure a solution tailored to your needs, where you also have access to financial advice whenever it’s needed through our 24/7 assistance. To book in a consultation please contact us on Tel: 1300 002 362 or Email: contactus@afmb.com.au or fill in the form below