• Solicitors and Conveyancers

    Whether you’re purchasing a house to make into a home or an investment property to kick start or add to your portfolio, the legal world of property can be daunting. At AFMB we ensure our service goes beyond the financial side of property, understanding the holistic situation of your property purchase with the ability to recommend a solicitor or conveyancer when needed.

    Our extensive network of solicitors and conveyancers enables us to connect you with expert advice to ensure yourself, your finances and your property are protected. Ensuring we only connect you with the best firms that treat each case individually, they can guide you through the bureaucratic red tape that property can become entangled in.

    With solicitors specialising in an array of areas and conveyancers well versed in the legalities of the property market, we can ensure a streamlined, simple process from securing the property finance, purchasing your home and the legalities to protect it.